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Qp Card 202 & FREE Qp Calibration
Software for Raw Images




Getting accurate natural colors from any digital camera with RAW option has been an elusive goal for digital photographers. It can be a challenge to get photographs with correct hue; where red is red, green is green and blue is blue – and to make photographs with sufficient saturation in all channels. Believing that this is the optimum starting point for efficient picture editing in RGB, QP has been at the forefront of addressing this challenge. QP’s second goal is to get the correct colors in a fast, accurate, uncomplicated, and inexpensive way.

QP has addressed these goals with the new QPcard 202 and QPcalibrator software, which perform color correction using color management and profiling at the first accessible stage in the digital image workflow – the RAW image. In order to accurately monitor each camera’s color property, QP has designed a new high quality, color target with modern camera sensors in mind. With only 35 carefully selected and individually manufactured color patches, QPcard 202 can meticulously pin-point color behavior of almost any camera in any light.

QPcalibrator software compares camera performance with the target colors and creates instructions for the profile on how to “move” small segments of colors (almost 1300) into correct position in a three dimensional color space. Color saturation is controlled in two stages: primary control in the matrix, followed by “soft clipping” in the lookup table. It keeps track of color saturation making sure no color channel is over-saturated with blocked or “flat” colors as a result.

xDownload Macintosh version (0.95) - 10.5MB
xDownload Windows version (0.950) - 7.7MB

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QP Color card 202