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Qp Card 101
The easiest, most cost-effective aid for balancing digital images

Even with correctly set and calibrated computers, software and monitors, you must balance a digital image against the monitor. A guaranteed neutral gray surface in the image simplifies balancing.

It is complicated to carry around a cumbersome grey card and position at a suitable place in the subject. In addition, the grey card becomes thumbed, dirty and faded from the light, so that after a while it is no longer neutral grey.

QPcard solves these problems. A pack of 3 QPcards are packed in a protective cardboard envelope.The cards have adhesive on the back so that they can be attached to virtually any surface. The grey surface is completely neutral and reflects 18% light. A white and black patch can be used for contrast adjustment. In addition, the card can be used as a dimensional reference.

QPcard 101 is a neutral reference card perfect for gray or white balancing. It has three patches, white (Lab 95*0*0), mid gray (48*0*0) and dark gray (35*0*0).The spectral respons of the three colors is almost perfectly straight, meaning no problems with metameric effects. The colors are extremely fade resistant. The main purpose with the card is to use the gray patch for neutral gray balancing of the image. The gray patch is reflecting 18 % of the light, making it useful also for exposure purposes. Since the white patch is free from fluorescent whitening agents, it is perfect for custom white balance setting of your camera before shooting. There is a millimeter reference scale along one side of the card.

The card is self-adhesive making it perfect to place on almost any surface in the scene. The size of the card is 142 x 40 mm (5.6 x 1.6")

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Original QPcard - Pack/3