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PIXEL ENTERPRISE LIMITED is a Professional Photographic Accessories Manufacturer. Our goal is to produce high quality products that take advantage of the latest technologies. We have some of the industry’s leading engineers and designers who are driven to develop, design and produce the finest products available today. Our constant desire to improve and refine our products, our use of the latest equipment and technology, and our uncompromising quality control, have made Pixel Enterprise a leader
in our industry! We are driven to create convenient and reliable photographic accessories that satisfy the needs of photographers on every level.

Pixel products are designed for use with DSLR cameras. They are made for major camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and other well-known brands. Our Wireless Product Group ranges from TTL flash triggers to remote camera shutter releases to intervalometers and image transmission! We also offer these products in wired versions for your convenience. Our Camera Accessory Group includes DSLR Battery Grips that significantly extend your battery life and offer an incredibly convenient vertical shutter release button with coupled exposure control wheels. You have every control at your fingertips – even when shooting vertically! Pixel products are widely used by photographers in all walks of life – studio and portrait photographers, photojournalists, wedding photographers, advertising, sports and outdoor shooters and much more! While they’re built to professional standards, they are used by beginners, enthusiasts, semi-pros and professionals who want the highest quality at affordable prices.

By working closely with our customers, we are able to create new, exciting products that benefit all photographers. We listen closely to their requests and suggestions, so we can provide the best quality products, service and technical support.

We are extremely proud of our professional R&D, management, production and quality-control teams. They provide a strong foundation that guarantees Pixel products will be of the highest quality. Pixel utilizes state-of-the-art production techniques and equipment, that is run by a highly-trained staff of dedicated workers. Product quality is tested along the production process by hundreds of Pixel QC engineers to assure the products meet Pixel’s high standards.

Pixel’s manufacturing facility has cutting-edge high-speed production line equipment from companies like Fuji Yamaha SMT and Siemens. This enables Pixel to produce superior quality products at a rapid pace, assuring our customers that they will have their products when they need them.